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Bored of Directors: The 2016 AGM Report

on Sun, 04/03/2016 - 13:43

The 2016 Recyclore AGM was held on Mar 29th. We did alll of the usual stuff like pass past minutes and etc still my beating heart.

From there we did a report on 2015 in review. There are several important parts to that story. One would be the new work stations, tool boards and general shop clean up. A HUGE help in making this happen was The Green Bear Farm who provide us with free storage space, and volunteers Darcy T and Ray B. who did much of the work.

Another part of the story would be the general review which is present in the table below:

  2014 2015 Change
Bikes Sold      
Adult 46 89 +43
Kids 26 39 +13
Total 72 128 +56
Value $5,045.00 $11,465.00 +$6,420.00
Adult 70 128 +58
Kids 55 66 +11
Total 125 194 +69
Scrapped 23 22 -1
NET Bikes 30 44 +14
# of Volunteers* No records kept 32  
Volunteer Hours No records kept 1200  
Avg Hrs/Volunteer   37.5  
Hrs/bike**   9.68  
$$$/Vol Hr***   10  

* people who worked at least 20 hrs in the preceeding 12 month period
**incluudes all activities that keep Recyclore going, from buying tools to meetings to making depositis to helping clients etc, all the things that have to happen so that bikes can be fixed up.
*** Is the money earned per hour of volunteer work

We took in, repaired, and sold many more bikes than in the previous year, and as a consequence made more money. This will be expanded upon with the financial report, but for the moment we can mention that we met our goal and did not run a deficit as we did in 2014, and actually had a small surplus.

The other important numbers are the 3 at the bottom.

The Avg Hrs/Vol shows a big problem viz we have too many people doing only a few hours and a handful doing a lot. We beed to balance that out so that on the one hand we aren't burning out our dedicated people, and on the other hand most of our people are in often enough that their skills and knowledge stay current.

Hrs/bike and $$$/Vol Hr are important nuumbers to help us with planning. For example, if we decide we want to undertake a new project that will cost us $5000 above current expenses we already know we will have to sell about 65 more bikes, but what will that involve? With  these new numbers we realize that is going to take about 620 hours of total volunteer time, which would mean recruiting 15 more volunteers. This helps us put it into perspective and do realistic planning for the organization.

We also had a report on the situation with the new landlord. Obviously we are keen to not have to move and contnue to improve the space we have, but at the same time we are aware that the new landlord is plannign big changes for the location and sooner or later that may involve asking us to move on, or a significant rent increase, which amounts to the same thing because right now we are close to the limit of what we can afford.

We then passed the By-Law Amendments as threatened.

The Board presented it's vision for 2016, the key points being:

  1. Stay the course, no radical new initiatives or directions,
  2. Continue improving the shop;
    1. FInish tool boards
    2. Paint / clean up / organize
    3. Improve parts organization
  3. Build an organized, coherant volunteer program
  4. Begin a planned and organized communications strategy to improve our ability to get what we need, be it funds, volunteers, clients or bicycles.
  5. Explore possibilities for a new venue should it come to that

There was also a draft budget for 2016 tabled and passed which will be posted here in time as well. 

Elections for a Board of Directors were held, with the results as per below:

Mike Kaulbars Cameron Mcdermaid Peter Brebner
President Vice President Secretary
Eric von Gravnitz Alex Noppen Nathan White
Treasurer Member at Large Member at Large

As you can see we did a great job of balancing hairy vs shiney scalps on the Board, but still have a ways to go with respect to other aspects of diversity. For the moment we choose to be ecstatic that we have a board that is active, enagaged and effective, but we are not unaware of the issue and will address it over time.

Oh yes, we also had a potluck during which many good munchies were consumed. Until next year :-)