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Frequently asked questions


Where are you located / what is your address

Our hours and address are on the About Us page as well as a google map


What are your hours of operation?

Our hours and address are on the About Us page


Do you fix bicycles for cash?

No, we are not a bike repair shop in that sense. For a moderate fee everyone is welcome to use our space and tools to fix up their own bike and a mechanic will help and advise, but you do the work.


Do you trade bicycles or give credit for donated bicycles?

No, trades and credit are a form of buying. If one person get's a $20 credit for a bicycle why shouldn't another person get $20 put in their hand? To be fair to everyone we only accept donations and do not trade or give credit.


Do you buy bicycles?

No, never, we get all of our stock through donations.


Do you have this brand/model/size/style of bicycle?

Have this brand/model/size/style of bicycle?

Our current inventory can be found here.

Our Backstock (bikes we will be fixing up) can be found here.

Generally speaking our selection follows this seasonal pattern:

SeasonBike Selection
Late WinterExcellent
Early SpringGood
Early SummerPoor
Late SummerPoor