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About us

For Location and Hours

Recyclore is an independant, nonprofit community group staffed entirely by volunteers and located in Ottawa's West End. We are managed by an elected Board of Directors with help from the more experienced volunteers. Naturally we cooperate with similar groups throughout the city, but we are not formally linked to one another.


  • accept donated bicycles, and
    • tune them up and repair them as needed, and
    • sell them to the public at affordable prices;
  • maintain a shop where members of the public can come and maintain or repair their own bicycle;
  • provide guidance and advice for people fixing up their bicycle
  • always welcome new volunteers

We do not:

  • repair your bicycle for you
  • buy bicycles
  • accept trade ins
  • do pick ups (usually, some exceptions)

We do all of this in order to:

  • Promote cycling:
    • for personal health;
    • for a healthier environment;
    • for a more livable city;
  • Provide affordable bicycles for those who need them;
  • Keep bicycles out of the land fill;

The money we make pays for our rent, tools, parts, supplies, etc. Any extra is used to upgrade our equipment and services. There is no profit.