Frequently asked questions

  1. How are you practicing physical distancing?
    1. We are serving one individual or family at a time, staying at least 2m away.
    2. We are not admitting the public into our garage space. All sales are done "curb-side", respecting physical distancing.
    3. Please, if you are ill, do not visit us. You can read more about physical distancing at Ottawa Public Health's website.
  2. How can I pay? We accept cash or you can pay by e-transfer.
  3. What happens if something goes wrong with a bike I buy from you? We evaluate problems on a case-by-case basis up to thirty days after your purchase. We will generally fix a problem if it's something we overlooked. As a shop staffed by volunteers, this can sometimes happen. We won't fix problems due to wear-and-tear after purchase or because of misuse. We want you to be happy with your purchase and will do our best to make it happen.
  4. Will you fix my bicycle? No, we are not a bike repair shop. For a $5/hour fee everyone is welcome to use our space and tools to fix up their own bike and a mechanic will help and advise, but you do the work. DIY is subject to availability to due to a low number of volunteers. Please contact us in advance if you want to do some DIY.
  5. Can I trade in my bicycle or give credit for donated bicycles? No, we do not offer trades or credit.
  6. Can you give me a tax credit for a donated bicycle? No, we're a not for profit, not a registered charity. Some of our friends are registered charities, so find their links on our Our friends page.
  7. If you're a not-for-profit, where does the money you make go? We're entirely volunteer driven and bicycle and parts sales are our only source of revenue. This money goes to paying rent, insurance and purchasing consumable parts needed to repair bicycles. We also maintain a reserve to help if anything unexpected comes up.
  8. Will you buy my bicycle? No. We get all of our stock through donations.
  9. I need a part for my bike. Do you have it? Please contact us if you're interested in a part. We'll make sure we have it and have it ready for you when you visit.
  10. Do you rent bicycles? No, we don't rent bicycles.