Become part of the Team! and volunteer with Recyclore.

  1. learn bike mechanics
  2. help keep bikes on the street (promotes healthy environment, comunities & people)
  3. make new friends


Mechanics are our main priority to fill. Without them the bikes wouldn't get fixed, we would have nothing to sell and could not pay our bills. But there's lots of other work to be done as well. Here's a rough list of some of the skills we need to run Recyclore.

  • General Volunteer - general shop help, usually learning to become Bike Mechanic
  • Bike Mechanic - guide and help those working on bikes
  • Web Master: manage Recyclore's website, viz content, organization, format and security
  • Shop Supervisor - oversee the shop, sales and interact with clients
  • Volunteer Coordinator - coordinates and improves the volunteer program
  • Administrative - accounting, web updates, organizing
  • Bike Donation Collection - have a cargo bike, rack, large car, van, or truck to gather donations
  • Event Coordination - help raise awareness and promote Recyclore
  • Positions Currently filled / Not Available
    • Bookkeeper : use computer accounting package to maintain Recyclores financial records

Where: Britannia, West End Ottawa

When: Flexible

Who: Adults, no specific skills required.

To join us just email us to let us know you're interested, or check it out by dropping by during our open hours. NB that if you just drop by, depending on how busy it is the Shop Supervisor may not be able to give you their full attention.