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Jobs with Right Bike

on Tue, 10/06/2015 - 16:53
Samuel Benoit from Right Bike here
As you may have heard, we are offering our second full-time, winter-long course in bike mechanics for vulnerable youth from 23 November to 18 March. Applications for this are still open and the poster is attached to this email.
To deliver this course we are looking to fill two positions in our teaching faculty:
  • Co-Instructor: Full-time position for someone with experience with education and delivering training and some bike mechanics
  • Teaching Assistant: Part time position for someone with extensive technical knowledge in bike mechanics and the capacity to coach trainees one-on-one
Job descriptions for both these positions are attached and can also be found online here:
We have received some strong applications for the Teaching Assistant but are seeking more for the Co-instructor. This contract may be of interest to some of your staff who will be looking meaningful projects to take on over the long, dark, cold, depressing winter months.
Thanks for taking a look!