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New Work Stations

on Mon, 09/21/2015 - 11:16

Thanks to the efforts of Ray, Darcy and Peter the new work stations are coming along very nicely.

Each of the 5 work stations will have an identical, full basic set of bike tools. Each tool will be colour coded for that station and it's proper position indicated by a silhouette outline on the board. There will also be a main tool board with all of the more specialized tools that are used less often.

Our hope is that everyone cooperates in making sure every work station is neat and organized at the beginning and end of every volunteers shift. No more clutter of stray tools and bike parts, not to mention time wasted searching for a particular tool. There will be a shake down period while we see if the new boards have the right tools and if we are happy with how they are organized, after which the boards will be painted. At the same time we are getting our space more organized and less cluttered, which also helps to make us more effective and generally enjoy our work more. Please help move this forward by keeping your workspace neater and cleaner than when you found it.