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Used Bicycles

Recyclore is an all volunteer non-profit dedicated to keeping bicycles out of the landfill and putting them back on the street. We accept donations of old bicycles, recondition them, and then offer the used bicycles for sale. As a result:

  • Yes, we have used bicylces for sale. You can see our current inventory here;
  • First you should decide what size and type of bicycle is right for you. Here is a Quick Guide. Seriously, we mean it. Not kidding.
  • Unlike a typical retail store our inventory changes constantly. There is a seasonal pattern (see at bottom), and we make an effort to try and keep a balanced selection (ie a good range of sizes and styles), but ultimately we are at the mercy of our donors.
  • Given the above, our stock more or less reflects what you see on the street. Mostly affordable mid-range bikes in good to reasonably good condition.
  • Even so, we also get high end bikes, bikes in immaculate condition, vintage,¬†specialty and custom bikes. Sooner or later everything comes through our door and winds up for sale.

  • Our volunteers are equally varied, from life long hard core bike mechanics to novices who just began training. We check each bike and test ride it before putting a price on it, but occasionally mistakes happen. That is why if there is any mechanical problem with a bike that you bought from us, we will fix it, replace it, or refund your money, no problem;
  • It also means that if you would like to learn bike maintenance and mechanics, volunteering with us is a great way to do it.

Generally speaking our selection follows this seasonal pattern:

SeasonBike Selection
Late WinterExcellent
Early SpringGood
Early SummerPoor
Late SummerPoor